Smart video surveillance

How will technology help your business?

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Why do you need smart video surveillance?

Today on the market there are all possible video systems from the most inexpensive video surveillance systems to complex and high-tech. How to figure out which one is right for your business?


Protect against unwanted events before they happen


Counting customers and observing their interests, as well as calculating the specified KPIs


Limit access to important rooms using biometric data: face recognition and more


Recognition of license plates and type of transport in parking lots and when passing through


Control of temperature and other health parameters of clients and staff


Control of intrusion, fires, leaks and other events at remote sites


More than 10 years on the Estonian market


More than 20 years of experience in the international market of IT services from our specialists


We have realy helped more than 200 companies and state-owned enterprises


365 days a year! 24/7 support without waiting on line for key clients.


SLA 99.6% is already included in the price - you will not be left without the connection

What is proactive defense?

Any security problem, be it in an enterprise or in a private home, is better prevented than experienced. Therefore, security systems are needed that not only show a video of a crime that has already been committed, but help to avoid it.


Video surveillance

Correctly configured video analytics will not give false alarms, and in case of an unwanted event, it will give correct commands for personnel or security firms

Access Control

The access control system will not allow you to enter the premises without special permission

Additional sensors

Data from sensors for leaks, temperature, smoke and others will help prevent events before they happen.

Quality perimeter security

Data from a variety of sensors, cameras and wearable devices are stored securely and conveniently used

Exact definition of the set targets

According to reports from many security firms, good analytics helps: up to 43% of security guards were looking at a different target when the analyst message appeared

Low false alarm rate

With a high number of false alarms, the probability of a reaction to a real danger is reduced to 15%

Exact instructions

Depending on the task from the security department, the system automatically notifies the necessary departments, police or fire departments.


How can video surveillance save money?

A one-time investment in good security systems will pay for itself quickly


Waste Prevention

The temptation to commit illegal actions will be stopped before they are committed.

Time/quality control

Automatic systems of fines and rewards for timely and high-quality work performed to motivate employees

Reduced labor costs

The routine work of security, control and concierge can be replaced by an automatic system today.

What technology do we use to provide video surveillance?

We design and install a system that's right for your business. If you already have systems installed, we can combine several different technologies if necessary.

Which is better, digital or analog video camera?

Over the past 20 years, digital cameras have almost completely surpassed analog cameras in most parameters. Video analytics systems only work with digital video today. Despite this, if necessary, connecting analog cameras to video analytics can also be done.

Why do we offer the best solutions?

We have vast experience, so we know what you can save on, and where the savings will affect the quality. We have excellent prices from suppliers. And we also love our work, so we are interested in making your project at the most profitable price

Who are your specialists?

Our team consists of specialists with 15 or more years of experience in building IT infrastructure. We have worked on large projects in the Baltics, Russia, Germany and Spain. We are confident in our qualifications and therefore offer solutions to IT problems. Contact us for details

What other services can we offer for your business?

Any questions related to IT - let us know!


From a simple desk phone to complex high-load call centers. Our experience allows us to solve problems of any complexity

Internet of Things

Own communication networks that do not depend on mobile operators and operate both in dense urban development and in remote areas

Intelligent video surveillance

Our portfolio includes video surveillance projects with AI and machine vision technology for ports, remote sites, warehouses and other enterprises that allow you to increase security without spending extra money on personnel

IT consulting and equipment selection

Do you need to buy expensive equipment? Contact us and we will offer you a profitable project and the best price

IT service

Any questions about the maintenance of your enterprise will be solved by our specialists.

Design and installation of wired and wireless networks

Many successfully completed projects in Estonia and abroad for the installation of WiFi and optical networks, including the European project WIFI4EU