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How will technology help in the management and security of a modern logistics enterprise?

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Make your business modern and profitable

We offer a complex IT solution for logistics


Fast and high-quality Internet via optical or 'air' fiber in the office, in warehouses and transport

Video surveillance

Safe storage and waste prevention, including in remote warehouses and transport

GPS tags

Easy and simple: see in real time where your vehicles and goods are located, even if they are abroad


Savings on roaming: the employee is available by a short number, while using local phones


Monitor the fuel level and the condition of the vehicle


Monitor the filling, as well as the humidity and temperature in remote rooms automatically


More than 10 years on the Estonian market


More than 20 years of experience in the international market of IT services from our specialists


We have realy helped more than 200 companies and state-owned enterprises


365 days a year! 24/7 support without waiting on line for key clients.


SLA 99.6% is already included in the price - you will not be left without the connection

Why do I need GPS tracking for vehicles?

Today, any phone is equipped with a GPS receiver. Why is it necessary to install GPS on vehicles?

GPS to every truck

GPS not only monitors the location of vehicles. Information about the fuel level, locations and cost of refueling, idle time and speed - you can view all this in a single system. Ordinary devices require an expensive mobile Internet connection, our solution works in any country, including EU, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and other countries.

Control the work of the staff

Accurate and timely information available from any device allows you to prevent waste of fuel, traffic violations and untimely parking, as well as monitor working hours even in unusual situations.


GPS Tags for products

Mini-tags for tracking the movement of goods between warehouses and transport are small and inexpensive devices that are attached to the goods and transmit information about their location


No more lost and forgotten items

Reducing the likelihood of losses and theft: upon receipt or dispatch of goods, the system will send a message to the driver and warehouse worker if the goods did not arrive or were not picked up. All information about the time and location of each tag is also recorded in the system.

Fast payback

Automatic motion control helps to reduce the workload on staff, increase processing speed and improve the quality of customer service


Tags can also track storage temperature, humidity and other parameters for safe storage

Smart video surveillance systems

Why are they in the enterprise? Investing in modern video surveillance systems with data analysis using artificial intelligence will quickly pay off.

Perimeter Guard

Reduce the cost of detours and security with the help of intelligent perimeter security. Video analytics combined with data from heat cameras and movement and temperature dachars will be able to see offenders even in the dark, without reacting to weather conditions, animals or other disturbances.

Access Control

Automatically open doors and barriers when recognizing an object (faces, license plates etc).

Quality control of work

Well defined KPIs will motivate employees with incentives and fines.


What technology do we offer IIoT

We generally recommend LoraWAN® technology, although we can combine sensors of different technologies into a single system

Which CCTV cameras do we recommend?

Depending on the application, we choose the most profitable solutions. We offer thermal cameras, high-definition cameras and more.

Why do we offer the best solutions?

We have vast experience, so we know what you can save on, and where the savings will affect the quality. We have excellent prices from suppliers. And we also like our work, so we are interested in making your project at the best price.

Who are our specialists?

Our team consists of specialists with 15 or more years of experience in building IT infrastructure. We have worked on large projects in the Baltics, Russia, Germany and Spain. We are confident in our qualifications and therefore offer solutions to IT problems. Contact us for details

What other services can we offer for your business?

Any questions related to IT - let us know!


From a simple desk phone to complex high-load call centers. Our experience allows us to solve problems of any complexity

Internet of Things

Own communication networks that do not depend on mobile operators and operate both in dense urban development and in remote areas

Intelligent video surveillance

Our portfolio includes video surveillance projects with AI and machine vision technology for ports, remote sites, warehouses and other enterprises that allow you to increase security without spending extra money on personnel

IT consulting and equipment selection

Do you need to buy expensive equipment? Contact us and we will offer you a profitable project and the best price

IT service

Any questions about the maintenance of your enterprise will be solved by our specialists.

Design and installation of wired and wireless networks

Many successfully completed projects in Estonia and abroad for the installation of WiFi and optical networks, including the European project WIFI4EU