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water meter

Handy calorimeter - heat meter for those who bill energy based on consumption. Suitable for water and glycol heating systems (including propylene and ethylene glycol based).


Has a built-in battery. A high-quality battery lasts up to 10 years without recharging


Easy check of readings over the last 24 months


Does not require installation of additional repeaters on the floors, no sim cards or other parts requiring replacement


Suitable for any type of installation, even with very limited space


Readings are transmitted once a day, the accuracy of readings is guaranteed by the German manufacturer


New technology allows remote reading of data even in hard-to-reach places


Fair price: installation of new meters quickly pays off due to the convenience and honest presentation of readings

Open Standard

You do not depend on one operator: dozens of manufacturers produce compatible equipment


We will send the data in a convenient format or you can view it on any device

Why us?

We not only sell, but also offer assistance in installation, and most importantly, we service the sensors ourselves

Official telecom operator

We are the official telecom operator in Estonia and have all the necessary licenses and certificates

Favorable prices

We work without intermediaries and can offer a really favorable price for service

Technical support

Our specialists are highly qualified and will help you at any time

Own communication networks

Our communication networks operate regardless of mobile operators and power outages


Water meter

Is it time to change meters? Swap for ones that will save you time and money. Remote reading water meters help you reduce costs and ease your reading work, and protect against leaks, tampering and misreading.

You can order remote reading meters for cold and hot water here


Smoke detector

A smoke detector is a device that should be in every household. But not every device will report a problem if you are not at home. You can receive a notification on your phone or in any convenient way. More care for your loved ones and no worries about your property .

You can order smoke detectors with SMS or messenger notifications from us


Heating meters

The heating meter is a special device designed for consumption-based energy billing. It is ideal for use in homes with district heating

Order heating meters for water or glycol heating systems

Find out how modern technology makes it even easier to manage your flat or house community