Make calls from PC

If you have a 4G mobile internet or broadband access to the Internet, you can make calls from your computer!

To do this, you need to install one of the SIP program and configure it. 


We recommend using one of the following programs:

Blink setup manual

  1. Download and install Blink (for Microsoft Windows, for other operating systems look here: Blink)
  2. In the menu, select Blink - Add account
  3. Enter the login data (sent by Teleone when you signup):
  • Display name: your phone number starting with 372, for example 3726980000
  • SIP address: Your phone, for example:
  • Password: your password with no extra spaces or quotation marks (see login data)
  • Then click "Add"


That's it: start making calls! 

You can call one of these test numbers to test quality of connection:

  • 6980210 Echo test (the system repeats everything you say). If you do not hear yourself, you need to check the settings of a microphone or headphones.
  • 6980212 DTMF test (during a call, you can enter an additional number, the system will respond, which digit was dialed)
  • 6980213 Listen to the music
  • 6980214 Listen to music without starting the call (play-back tone)

Attention! We do not recommend using the built-in speaker and microphone on your computer. For the best quality, we recommend using a high quality headset (headphones and microphone with noise and echo cancellation).

Please note, that quality of call might suffer from poor internet connection. We do not recommend using 3G/EDGE/GPRS  or DSL with speed below 192kbps for making calls. 

If you are having any problems with the setup, please call us or email to