Virtual office in Estonia

Your goal: 

You want to open a representative office of your company in Estonia or to create a new business in Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu or any other estonian city. 


High initial investment of time and money to rent an office, find employees and a secretary,  setup utilities etc. 


Virtual Office in Estonia. 

Img. 1: An example of the use of virtual office services 


Why do you need a virtual office in Estonia: 

  • New customers, new markets: local customers prefer to call a local number.
  • Prestige: the opening of additional representation does not require extra costs, but can significantly improve your company's reputation. 
  • Huge savings on office and staff: You can use the remote staff or those who are already working with you in other countries. 

How does the Virtual Office in Estonia? 

You get a phone number in Estonia, which can be forwarded to any other phone (Estonian or any other country in the world). Your customers in Estonia called on him at local rates, while fall into your existing office or to any number you specify. When you call, customers can listen to welcome the company to choose the language of service or hours of operation. 

How much does the service "Virtual Office in Estonia?" 

Package "Virtual Office" 

Setup fee: 0 

Monthly fee: 7€ + call forwarding costs (pay as you go) at low rates. 

Package includes setup of one 7-digit Estonian number (code 372), as well as "Auto-secretary" service for 1 phone number.  

Package "Virtual Office VIP» 

Setup fee: 60 

Monthly fee: 10€ + call forwarding costs (pay as you go) at low rates. 

Package includes setup of one beautiful 7-digit Estonian number (code 372), as well as the service  "Auto-secretary" service for 1 phone number with ability to get second estonian number and transfer calls between them. 

Package "Paid consultation" 

Setup and monthly fees: Negotiable 

If you create a business in Estonia, one of the possibilities for further development is a remote consultation. Exact prices for the service, depending on your needs, you can learn from our specialists. 

  • medical consultations 
  • legal advice 
  • accounting advice 
  • telephone conferences with simultaneous translation 
  • technical support for VIP clients 
  • Infobusiness 

Prices include KM