CCTV systems

Entrust our experienced professionals to create a CCTV system for your business. Carefully chosen surveillance system can cut the labor costs and significantly improve the performance of your security department.

We offer:

High-quality cameras that recognize objects movement even in the darkness, specially chosen for Baltic weather conditions with high humidity and large temperature variations from -40°C to +40°C

Automatic video analytics with the autotracking of possible infringers with pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras, and marking their way on the screen
Optical fiber networks construction for high resolution video transmission

We have solutions for airports, ports and industrial areas of transportation and logistics companies of oil and gas facilities as well as individual solutions tailored for your business. 

Basic features of Intellectual Surveillance System:

  •  automatic alarm detection and tracking objects in real time.

Alarm events can be defined as:

  • crossing a perimeter (e.g. fence)
  • movement in a given area: unlike other systems there is no false alarms due to bush and branch movements, raindrops and snow, small animals or any other objects of the wrong size, as well as movements in unimportant areas
  • left or moved objects 
  • improper parking
  • loitering
  • etc.


  • Instant access to an alarm event video, that raises awareness of the operator, as well as intelligent search through the entire archive: e.g. you can find all records with human moving in a certain part of the territory
  • instant predefined instructions for security operators: e.g. if a forgotten object is detected, pop-up message with nearest police department contacts appears
  • ability to delegate work about a particular event to other participants in the system (e.g. when one of operators is already busy with another event)
  • integration with Google maps, GIS or your own map
  • scheduling automatic actions such as recording only alarm events during off-hours
  • the ability to integrate with existing CCTV systems

You have challenging ideas, we have interesting solutions. Please contact our specialists for more information .