If your employees are forced to answer the same questions all over the day, it is possible to facilitate their work and free up some working time for other important tasks.

"Auto-secretary": a unique service that allows you to improve customer service. 

Examples of "Auto-secretary" use : 

  • Welcome message and brief information about the company 
  • Answering machine outside business hours:  
    • information regarding opening times of a department or individual employees,
    • call forwarding (e.g. in emergency cases to employees mobile) 
  • Information about the address and contact details 
  • Your own company anthem or any other track to use for music on hold or instead of conventional dial tone. 
  • and many other possibilities.  

We offer customized solutions that will perfectly suite for your company. 

Multi-lingual services are fully supported.  

Option 1: Single phone number: the choice of service options. 

For service in English press1

Eestikeelseks teeninduseks vajutage
klahvi number 2


Option 2. Separate numbers for each service language